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Rako Lighting Controls

Wired & Wireless Solutions for new builds & Retrofit. Rako is leading the way in providing state-of-the-art digital dimming technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications.

Applications for Home

Mood lighting systems offer the user the ability to recall a scene, or mood of lighting at the touch of a single button despite controlling multiple circuits and lamp types. Circuits are split to define zones, highlighting room features and are programmed to suit the different uses of a space.

Simpler lighting solutions from Rako

For modern living, control from tablets, smartphones and watches alike.

Rako offers a number of product options including wireless control for ease of installation and retro-fit applications to more complex solutions for a wired network.  The ability to offer wireless, wired or combined options means that Rako can provide the best possible approach for any project. 

Control panels & Cover plates

Wireless control panels can be both flush or surface mounted, neither need wires and surface mounting eliminates the need for a back-box. Wired panels connect using a cat5 network with LED tell-back indicators. Cover plates are available in a wide range of standard finishes with special finishes available to order. Screw or screwless fixing options with UK or European styling.

Control Modules & Racks

Stackable Raks provide a neat solution for centralised mounting for either wired or wireless control. Individual modules allow distributed installation with wireless or combined control. Both systems provide options to cover every lighting scenario.