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The modern day classroom has evolved drastically with the use of interactive technology.  Tech Smart design, supply and install classroom audiovisual technolgy including Smart Boards, short-throw projectors, touch screens and interactive whiteboards and projectors. We work with a range of suppliers and manufacturers so can select the most appropriate system for your needs.

Advances in classroom technology lends to a greater level of engagement from your students. Intearating Audiovisual systems in classrooms and lecture halls increases this engagement through attention grabbing visual displays and presentations, while encourageing students to be more creative.
Tech Smart supply a wide range of classroom AV technologies and setups. Please find below some brief information on the various different solutions we offer

SMART Boards and Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards in the classroom are a powerful interactive tool for involvement and collaboration. Used inventively they create a wide range of learning opportunities. A flexible tool which can be used with both the youngest and oldest students alike.

CleverTouch and Large Format Interactive Screens

CleverTouch and other large format interactive screens operate in a similar way to interactive whiteboards but offer a number of distinct advantages. Using a high definition LCD display with a touch sensitive surface. This means that there is no shadow cast by the user making it easier to see and operate, versus the projector and board setup. A bright LED backlit HD screen with an anti-glare surface produces crystal clear images even with greater ambient light conditions. The multi-touch surface responds to a number of touch points simultaneously making it a more intuitive and usable interactive experience.

Interactive Projectors

Interactive projectors are a relatively new addition to the range. They perform quite a similar function to other interactive whiteboards, differing though in such a way that the interactive technology is built into the projector rather than the board. These projectors can be used with any projection screen surface or even a white wall.  However, the great advantage comes when they are used with a  multifunction projector whiteboard. Meaning you can either use it as a dry-wipe board, a projection screen or an interactive whiteboard.