Control4 in Ireland

Tech Smart offer a wide range of quality products, at affordable prices and can create any system to meet your expectations and budget. 

Basically defined, home automation refers to anything that gives you remote or automatic control of systems around your home. These systems include:

Lighting Control:

Control every light in your home from a single device. Create lighting scenes and moods in a given room, or set security modes for when you're away on holidays.

Heating Control:

Control and Heat Rooms independently, allowing you to dictate specific temperatures in different room. For example, you would like it mostly cool in the bedroom, warmer in the living room and the bathroom only be heated in the morning and evening.


View your homes CCTV System, monitor a sleeping baby and control access to your home automatically.

Home Cinema & Entertainment:

Replacing a dozen various remote controls with one, simple to use device. Setting the lights, turning on your projector, amplifier and Blu-Ray Player and even controlling the blinds in your dedicated Home Cinema, all from one button press. Tech Smart can give you a whole new perspective on Home Entertainment.

Automatic Blinds and Curtains:

Control blinds and curtains automatically from the same interface you control everything else in your home.